Aviation solutions

We provide customized solutions for our clients’ needs, covering the entire process of acquiring fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, parts and components, systems and equipment for both civilian and special mission use.

We offer a complete range of services, from purchasing advice to certification and after-sales support, always with the primary goal of providing high quality service to all our clients.

Supply of Special Mission Aircraft

To fulfill its focus on realizing the individual needs of each customer, FBR Aviation guarantees the supply of several models of multi-mission aircraft. Built for 12 years of excellence in results, our strong relationship with the world’s leading fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft manufacturers enables a broad and diverse service to our customers.

Due to the availability of complex technical solutions of major modifications and systems integration in aircraft and in ground, and to maintain as a priority its high quality and technical standard, FBR has developed several successful projects, performing all the activities necessary to fulfill the needs of our clients, from specifications, acquisition, modification, customization, training and after-sales support of special projects involving multi-mission aircraft. 

Special mission aircraft can provide assistance to public or military agencies for diverse activities in missions such as:

Public safety

– Public order and crowd control;
– Air monitoring (day/night) with real-time data transmission;
– Policing and community support missions;
– Monitoring of events and protests;
– Coast guard support;
– VIP escort missions.

Public Health

– Emergency medical assistance;
– Search and rescue missions;
– Organ and tissue transportation;
– Transportation of medical supplies;
– Transfer of patients.

Environmental Monitoring

– Firefighting and monitoring;
– Deforestation Surveillance;
– Pollutant emission control and air samples;
– Wildlife control;
– Fighting illegal fishing;
– Detection of chemical or oil leaks/spills.

Discreet Surveillance

– Combating drug and human trafficking;
– Combating smuggling and piracy;
– Fighting terrorist activity;
– Monitoring of illegal immigration;
– Prevent cattle rustling.

Target location
LIDAR - Light Detection and Ranging
Infrared night vision
Oil spill detection
Surveillance and monitoring

Special Mission Aircraft

FBR Aviation has partnerships with some of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers (fixed and rotary wing) to provide the best special mission aircraft platforms with any type of configuration required by the operator.

Aircraft modified for the following missions:

– ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance);
– SAR (Search & Rescue) and Law Enforcement;
– EMS/EMT (Emergency Medical Service/ Emergency Medical Transport);
– LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging).
Koala AW119Kx - Leonardo Helicopters

Configured for:

  • Surveillance and air monitoring;
  • Real-time video streaming;
  • Encrypted communications;
  • Aeromedical transport and rescue;
  • Satellite communications;
  • Search and rescue on land and sea;
  • Fire Fighting;
  • VIP transport;
  • Policing Missions.


  • 1 for the Government of the State of Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil
  • 1 for the Civil Police and Fire Brigade of the State of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
Koala AW169 - Leonardo Helicopters

Configured for:

  • ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance)
  • Surveillance and air monitoring;
  • Real-time video streaming;
  • Encrypted communications;
  • Policing missions;
  • Aeromedical transport and rescue;
  • Search and rescue on land and sea;
  • Fire Fighting;
  • Shielding;
  • VIP transport.


  • 2 for the Civil Police and Fire Brigade of the State of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil (hired by GIF – Federal Intervention Office).
Grand Caravan 208B ​- Cessna | Textron Aviation Inc.

Configured for:

  • Aeromedical transport and rescue;
  • Search and rescue;
  • Fire Fighting;
  • VIP transport.


  • 1 for the Fire Department of the State of Rondônia – Brazil
  • 2 for the Fire Department of the State of Minas Gerais – Brazil
King Air B300 / B350 ​- Beechcraft | Textron Aviation Inc.

Configured for:

  • Surveillance and air monitoring;
  • Air command center;
  • Real-time video streaming;
  • Encrypted communications;
  • Satellite communications;
  • Aeromedical transport;
  • VIP transport.


  • 1 for the Federal Police – Brazil

Diamond Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft has a complete line of aircraft for general and executive aviation certified in Brazil by ANAC. All models are extremely safe and manufactured with the highest technology available in aviation today. The models have an excellent balance between performance, utility, luxury, and efficiency. Whether for business travel, leisure, flight schools or other options, Diamond has a perfect model that suits your needs.

Diamond Aircraft for private owners
Diamond Aircraft for Special Mission

Supply of equipment and systems

FBR Aviation provides aeronautical equipment and systems for special missions. Some equipment and systems we can supply:
Electro-Optical Sensors
- Stabilized EO / IR camera solutions for long range aircraft with geo-referencing;
- Availability of multiple embedded sensors (visible light, low light, MWIR and SWIR) for fixed or rotating wings aircraft;
- Tracking of mobile targets and video recorder;
- Unique LRU with inertial system and integrated GNSS (compatible with GPS, GLONASS and Galileo);
- Payload laser with rangefinder, pointer and target designator options (for military use only);
- Infrared long-range camera solutions for installation at fixed points with remote control;
- Solutions for air and ground monitoring cameras with capacity to cover large areas (up to 80 km²) at one time;
- Integration and retransmission to command center and controls.
SAR – Synthetic Aperture Radar
- Sale and installation of synthetic aperture radars of low weight (10.9 kg) and low electrical consumption (275 W);
- Monitoring of points of interest even in rainy conditions, clouds or fog;
- With a lateral sweep with up to 44 km in range, it allows the monitoring of large areas with little flight time;
- Integration with EO / IR cameras to complement surveillance;
- Detection of moving targets;
- Comprehensive software for exploration of images and detection of areas of interest;
- Suitable for installation on any type of aerial platform.
- Integrated to different models of airplanes and helicopters in removable and reversible configuration for passenger transport;
- Equipment to preserve life, make emergency care faster, preserve organs and tissues for transplants, and assist in the transfer of patients for treatment;
- Air ICU system (adult, pediatric, and neonatal);
- EMS/EMT (Emergency Medical Service/ Emergency Medical Transport): Stretchers (adult and pediatric) / incubators, multi-parameter monitors, vacuum and Infusion pumps, cabinets for supplies/medicines, mechanical ventilators and others;
- Oxygen system;
- Electrical system 115v;
- Structural supports for equipment.
Aircraft armoring
- Development, certification and installation of ballistic protection for aircraft, with the possibility to use armoring on the floor and cabin sides (available only for public security and defense aviation);
- Several material options for different protection levels;
- Support for life cycle of the ballistic armoring system;
- Development for new platforms on demand.
Tactical and Multiband Radios
- Installation and certification in multiband tactical radio aircraft according to customer demand;
- After-sales support and operational training;
- Recurrent training for network managers;
- Secure communication solutions with AES encryption for TETRA, P25 and other systems;
- Fixed, mobile and portable terminals.
Command and Control Center
- Planning, implementation and training of the team;
- Solutions for integration of communication systems into a single network;
- Systems of management and integrated control of information and communication;
- Image scanning systems with plate recognition, facial recognition, database integration, etc;
- Development of comprehensive and customized solutions for the client's demands and budget.
SIGINT - Signal Intelligence
- Frequency radio monitoring and interception;
- Systems for locating transmitters (DF);
- Interception and tracking of mobile phones using aircraft-based systems, without relying on terrestrial infrastructure;
- Capturing devices, interception of calls, blocking of devices, interception and manipulation of SMS and geographic location of the target;
- Software for exploration and recording of captured data.
DATALINK - Transmission system
- System solutions for omnidirectional or directional high-speed data transmission;
- Communication solutions with AES256 end-to-end encryption;
- Geolocation of transceivers in real time;
- Solutions for broadcast systems for high resolution video and voice transmission;
- Solutions for satellite data and voice transmission (SATCOM) for installation in fixed and rotating aircraft;
- Provision, installation and integration of fixed, mobile and portable reception and retransmission stations;
- Centralized communications management software for network control and management.
Mission computer
- Navigation system for tactical use as a support to image generation systems;
- Navigation by points of interest, street names, intersections and others;
- Updated maps of Brazilian cities;
- Augmented reality system with image overlay;
- Database with customizable maps, according to mission needs;
- Allows audio and video recording and playback (evidence and post-mission analysis);
- Mission debriefing with flight profile tracking tool to assist in the monitoring of environmental - disasters (oil spills, fires, dam breaks, etc).
Mesh IP Network
- Fluid and adjustable IP network with easy installation for body-worn, motorcycle, vehicle and backpack use;
- Node can be a source of video/audio/IP data;
- Highly efficient use of spectrum (1 channel for a maximum of 20 radios);
- Single or multiple mesh frequencies;
- Audio and video transmission with real-time two-way telephony;
- Constantly adapts as nodes move and optimizes the data routing with automatic identification and channel switching feature in case of interference;
- Automatic roaming between areas;
- IR Illuminator and GPS;
- The tunneling features a simple mesh with all the network complexity managed automatically.
Rescue and firefighting
- ARS - Air rescue systems;
- Installed and integrated on several aircraft platforms;
- Equipment options for search and rescue missions: hoist, cargo hooks, anchor points, bambi bucket, rescue basket, stretchers and others.
Flight vision systems
NVG – Night vision googles

- Night vision for missions conducted at night or in areas of low lighting and poor visibility;
- The system is compatible with the HDTS (Helmet Display And Tracking System).

Anvis/hud™ (advanced night vision system/head up display)

- Seeks to eliminate the need for the pilot to divide his attention between the panel and the external environment by projecting navigation information onto the helmet lens.
- ANVIS/HUD™ can be installed on any type of helicopter and integrated with other aircraft systems.
Moving Target Detection System
- System solutions for omnidirectional or directional - Solutions for location and tracking of mobile targets based on images;
- Detects and tracks targets with up to 4 pixels in the image;
- Operation in both soil and sea;
- Detection of lifejackets to assist in search and rescue missions;
- Complementary tool for air monitoring systems reducing fatigue and stress under the system operator;
- Solution can be boarded on aircraft or integrated in command centers on land;
Moving map system
- Installed in fixed or rotary wing aircraft;
- Allows agility in communication and coordination with ground teams;
- Supports several electro-optical systems;
- Interface compatible with touchscreen monitors;
- Integrated GPS and video and data recorder;
- Augmented reality - overlay of images with street, address, number indications;
- GEOPOINT mode - use of the electro-optical payload;
- Mission debriefing system which provides a step-by-step playback of the flight;
- Supports up to 3 simultaneous monitors with video switch function;
- Supports PIP function.
Drones and Drone Combat
- Providing customization of military standard drones for surveillance;
After-sales support and training;
Support for operational approval before regulatory agencies;
- Mobile or portable system for combat / interdiction of civilian drones that invade the airspace of security places (embassies, airports, prisons, public events, etc.);
- It allows the location of the pilot of the offending drone by tracking the radio transmitter.

Supply of Parts & Component

FBR developed a network with more than 3,500 suppliers and 100,000 commercialized items, obtaining logistical know-how to provide fast and agile services, which is our competitive differential for the sale of parts and components.

Logistic Support

Over 12 years in the aeronautical segment, FBR has developed a network with more than 3,500 suppliers and 100,000 items sold, which is a strategic differential in the sale of parts and components. In addition to the agility in the on-demand acquisition of parts and aeronautical components, we have a stock with more than 11,000 items available for ready delivery from different manufacturers and models, which enables FBR to guarantee a fast customer service during the maintenance of aircraft.