FBR Aviation

Specializes in supplying special multi-mission projects, aircraft, aeronautical parts and components for the entire Latin American market.

Aeronautical solutions:

FBR offers a wide range of products and services in several segments of the aviation market, including:

Diamond Aircraft

The Diamond aircrafts are world-wide recognized for being leaders in security through innovation, smart design, advanced systems and rigorous tests.

Special Missions Aircraft

Relying on the partnership of the world’s leading manufacturers of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, the company delivers the best platforms in the market.

Parts & Components

Over the years, FBR has developed a network with more than 3,500 suppliers and 100,000 items, a strategic differential in sale of parts and components.

Systems & Equipment

FBR works with public forces for the development and installation of specialized equipment for missions and critical operations and high complexity.


We are also proud to have achieved important results in the last 7 years, can be seen in the numbers below:

Countries served
+ 0
ITAR processes
ISR systems delivered
new aircraft were delivered
New aircraft to be delivered

Coming soon!

The official launch of the AeroCITI complex is coming soon!

Some of our customers: