The official launch of the AeroCITI complex is coming soon!

AeroCITI will be an aeronautical industrial ecosystem, located in the city of Guaiba, in the metropolitan region of the capital Porto Alegre, which unites cutting edge infrastructure, technology, sustainabilty, innovation and qualified workforce.

The complex was conceived according to aerotropolis concepts and will feature an integrated multimodal infrastructure for the development of new technologies and support for innovation, with a focus on new air mobility solutions, clean energy, decarbonization and the export of high value-added products.

The development will include an airport runway, fluvial port, aircraft factory, innovation hub, industrial areas for partner companies in nationalization, technology transfer and offset programs.


Airport with 1800 m runway

Diamond Aircraft industrial unit

Innovation and R&D Hub

Industrial and Logistics Center

Aircraft Maintenance Complex

River port

Parts Manufacturing

Engineering Development Center

Training Center

VOWE - Air Mobility


FBR x Aeromot Partnership

The relationship between both companies is long-standing and has generated many fruitful benefits not only for them but also for the end customers to which the products and services are intended. Brazil is already known to be one of the largest aviation markets in the world, and has offered many opportunities for FBR to insert the know-how and to cooperate with many individuals, having Aeromot as the largest partner in the country. From that partnership came a solid and cohesive trust, which brought new ideas for this disruptive venture.

The combination of great demand, technological growth, qualified workforce and the desire to innovate the market enabled the first steps in the plan to establish this industrial complex capable of meeting customer needs in a timely manner and with the potential to integrate, into one place, strategic international companies.

Multimodal integration


River port


Strategic Location

AeroCITI is located in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, in the Industrial District of the city of Guaíba/RS. The aeronautical complex will have an area of approximately 460 hectares and access roads on both sides of the development.

Innovation hub

The innovation Hub is the heart of the industrial complex. Inside the Hub we’re planning to build environments to: capacitate new professionals; form a collaborative innovation ecosystem, enabling technologies that foster sustainability; and integrate companies.

This part of the complex is going to be designed to include academic centers, startups, restaurants, auditoriums, labs, government sectors for public investment, and companies. Here is where the major developments will take place, with the implementation of deep-tech infrastructure and workforce, building the foundations for new technological solutions, automation and decarbonization. Based on the Triple Helix model of innovation, it is essential that stakeholders are aligned with global trends and have a vision of a sustainable and technological future.

AeroCITI Partners